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Even if you don't have a tiny bathroom, you can still find great design ideas from these clever bathroom makeovers. Once you've finished touring these ingenious makeovers, check out these additional bathroom : remodeling projects. 10 Ultra Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms Explore dozens of stylish, inspirational , that only about ⅓ of remodeling homeowners set a budget and stuck to it! , They must all be Case Indianapolis clients because we make sure our clients develop a realistic remodeling budget and spend what they plan to spend for their newly remodeled spaces. Across the US, homeowners spend $14,000-42,000 on the cost of remodeling a house. A basic remodel in a single room can be completed for as little as $3,000-8,000. ✔ You get home from Lowe’s and realize you forgot to buy caulk. Again. There are many ways to foot the bill for a bathroom remodel, but a home equity loan may be the most popular because it can be tax deductible. Other options include refinancing, no-equity loans, FHA loans, personal loans, loans from retirement plans or borrowing against life insurance policies — and, of course, your own flooring for finished basementIn some below-grade applications, condensation may occur on the surface of ceramic tiles, making them slippery. If ceramic tile is your primary choice for your basement but you’re concerned about condensation, consider glazed ceramic floor tiles with , an anti-slip finish. Look for tiles that meet slip-resistance standards specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act.Costs for ceramic tile vary widely, depending on size, shape, and pattern. A standard domestic 12-inch by12-inch ceramic tile might cost 80 cents per tile at a home improvement center. But a highly decorative tile from Mexico or a porcelain stone tile from Italy can cost $10 per tile or far more. Professional installation adds $5 to $10 per square foot. But not all basement flooring options are created equal. Some flooring is better suited to the damp, cold, below-ground conditions that your basement probably has. On the other hand, some types of flooring are definitely not cut out for the concrete sub-flooring of basements and the possibility of flooding. """"""""



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